Here’s to Leaders!


The second cohort of our Developing CSP Leaders program is well underway.  Since being rolled out in 2016, the program has been well received.  It is structured around three tiers.  The first is a basic orientation to Concordia University St. Paul, which all faculty and staff are asked to complete.  The second, is an exposure to the basic leadership topics of Leadership and Strategy, the Higher Education Industry, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, and Cultural Competence.  These topical modules are facilitated here on campus by our own senior administrators.  The third is an off-campus “capstone” experience selected by the participant and her/his supervisor.

 One of those capstone experiences often selected by participants is Thrivent Fellows, a year-long program which includes three residencies, a self-selected, focused study of a single leadership issue, and personal coaching and mentoring throughout the program.  The program is administered through the Lutheran Educational Conference of North America (LECNA) made up of forty-two Lutheran colleges and universities in the United States and Canada.  Since its beginnings in 2001, seventeen Thrivent Fellows have become presidents, twenty-six senior -level vice-presidents, another fifty or so deans or directors.  The leadership skills and competencies attained through this program are phenomenal and we are pleased to invest in it.

Concordia St. Paul’s Fellows over the years have made a huge impact on our university through their leadership.  Here’s the impressive list:

  • 2003  Dr. Cheryl Chatman          Executive Vice-President and Dean of Diversity
  • 2005  Dr. Alan Winegarten         former Dean Arts and Sciences
  • 2006  Dr. Amy Gort                      former Dean and now Provost at Metropolitan State University
  • 2008  Dr. David Lumpp               former Dean Arts and Letters
  • 2010  Dr. Marilyn Reineck          Vice-President Academic Affairs
  • 2011  Dr. Michael Walcheski       Dean Graduate School
  • 2012  Dr. Jean Rock                      Chair Leadership and Management
  • 2015  Dr. Rob Krueger                  Chair Mathematics and Computer Science
  • 2016  Dr. Kevin Hall                      Dean Business and Technology
  • 2017  Dr. Katie Fischer                  Dean Health and Science
  • 2017  Dr. Paul Hillmer                   Dean Humanities and Social Sciences

Capable leaders are essential to the success of any organization and we are committed to developing leaders who can take our university into the future.  If you are interested in pursuing growth in your own leadership capacity, please speak to your supervisor or contact Human Resources.  Here’s to leaders!

Grace and peace.

Tom Ries




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